How To Use This Site

Article ImageIf you're a professional cartoonist or sequential artist/writer offering teaching or workshops, or if you're a library running them, or an art college with a dedicated course in these forms of art, register here so that you can be found!

If you're a school or library seeking teachers for workshops, or an individual seeking training from workshops, or from art schools which have classes in these specialised arts, you can sign up here and find what you seek by going to the Search section, or by contacting any of the organizations and individuals listed on the News And Information page or the Links page.   In Staff Room, tutors talk about their work and its benefits for those attending their workshops.  The section also features endorsements from those who've employed those represented there, or others doing similar work.

If you're a museum or gallery with a collection of cartoons or sequential art for visitors to view ; or if you'd like to acquire some from notable local cartoonists ; or if you just want to know which artists of this kind reside in your area, register here.

You can also sign up if you don't wish to teach but are simply a professional creator who wants to be noted by local cultural and educational bodies as a resident of the area.

Our aim is to supply all users of this site with information fully covering our target zone, though this will only be achieved gradually as the number of contributions to our database grows.